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Provide Critical Medical Care and Food Support During COVID19

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Help support the impoverished region of western Guatemala during COVID-19

In normal times, the Hospital de la Familia Foundation (HdlFF) supports a year-round medical clinic, dental clinic, state-of-the-art ophthalmology center, and brings volunteer medical teams from the United States 7-9 times per year to perform critical procedures and surgeries. We also support a Child Wellness Center, treating babies, aged 0-5, for chronic malnutrition. Our education programs include a nursing assistant school, sewing school, and an elementary school. These programs provide education and create jobs in a region where these opportunities are limited. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put many of our programs on pause.

COVID-19 has made a significant impact on the entire world, and everything has changed. In rural Guatemala, the impact is even greater.

  • An already inadequate medical system throughout the country is overwhelmed;
  • The impoverished and malnourished rural population of the Western Highlands is even less prepared or able to handle a deadly virus;
  • The lack of support from the government with available testing or healthcare is exacerbating the situation;
  • The economic impact from the government shut down of transportation to try to slow the curve is creating a hunger problem that is rapidly growing;
  • Education is shut down, ensuring that an already under-educated population is even more negatively affected.

HdlFF is working together with our Guatemalan partners to help the community of Nuevo Progreso where we are able, since U.S. medical teams are unable to travel for the foreseeable future. We are doing this through the following programs:

  • Hunger support to the community through a food kitchen;
  • General medical care at the clinic;
  • Child Wellness Center to treat chronically sick and malnourished babies;
  • Laboratory, pharmacy, and emergency room remain open

These are unprecedented times and the mission of HdlFF is even more critical than ever before. Please help support our cause.